18 Reasons You Should Book A Trip To Bulgaria ASAP

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Ask a novice traveler to describe the Balkan Peninsula, and you’ll likely encounter blank stares, quizzical looks and the ever-echoing “Waaait… where?”

But just because this land of lush mountains, sparkling seas and fluffy AF bread knots isn’t popular with Americans does NOT mean it should be tossed from your bucket list. Bulgaria, in particular, is the perfect place to start your Balkan adventure.

Confused? Allow us to explain…

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b72612_45283b4100814192afd66b5b37644247My first visit to Sofia was by train from Bucharest, in 2012. I still remember the nature I passed before reaching the capital. Having been in Sofia for just a day, my curiosity was triggered to discover more. I never expected to live in Sofia only two years later. While still in the Netherlands, I wanted to pursue a new challenge and move abroad. Sofia attracted me because it is relatively calm – not too small and not too large.

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31 Reasons you should never visit Bulgaria

  1. So, for some reason, you are planning a trip to Bulgaria?Marvelous Bridges landmark in Rhodope Mountains
Chudnite Mostove, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. Well, think again! It’s so gray and dumb!rhodope-4807d
Dyavolski Most, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. There is nothing impressive.                                                                    chudnite-skali
 Chudnite Skali, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. For starters, look at this awful place!       httpswww.pinterest.compin394487248580788477
Rila Monastery, photo: Maria Novatschkova
  1. Sorry to break it to you, but there is no sightseeing possible in Bulgaria Gate in the Poppies
Kaliakra, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. As there is absolutely nothing to see                                          aerial-18303d2
Shipka, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. There is nothing to expernestinari_tantsuvat_0ience
Nestinari, photo: Nikolay Dimitrov
  1. Absolutely nothing to explore                              IMG_5669d2-1
Buzludzha, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. Everything looks all the same                                                         vijgo.com-пловдив-21
Plovdiv, photo: Yael Levey Photos on pinterest
  1. It gets worse at night!                                                           vijgo.com-пловдив-16
Plovdiv, Photo: Dora Apostolova
  1. The mountains are ‘meh’                                          rilski-ezera1
Rila Mountains, Seven Rila Lakes. Photo: viktoriyaveselinova.wordpress.com
  1. Don’t even think of coming here in the winter                       Ashraf Tariq Photography
Sofia, photo: Ashraf Tariq
  1. Because winter in Bulgaria is super ugly                                  cannons-6301d2
Shipka, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. So is the summer                                                           Balchik_garden
Balchik Gardens, photo: www.bgkranevo.com
  1. Bulgarian mountains, in general, are lame                            gorge-14383
Rhodope Mountains, photo Evgeni Dinev
  1. And so are the caves                                                                httpswww.pinterest.compin394487248580788583
Devetashka Cave, photo: Yael Levey Photos on pinterest
  1. Don’t even get me started on the lakes

Stitched Panorama

Rila mountain, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. Waterfalls? Just some dirty cold water falling down some ugly rocks. Not impressive at all                                                                                                                      niki
Krushunski Waterfalls, photo: Niki Todorov
  1. Beaches? They are all so dirty and overcrowded                     gradina
Camp Gradina, photo: Petar Tashev
  1. There isn’t even a place where you can sit back and chill                      httpswww.facebook.combar.cubophotospb.225949127419960.-2207520000.1427225328.883494621665404type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Ffbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net%2Fhphotos-ak-xpf1%2Ft31.0-8%2F1522754_883494621665404_542966149274
Cubo bar, Varna, photo: Cubo on facebook.com
  1. No history to be found. It’s not like Bulgaria was established 1334 years ago, but who counts.                                                     httpjustivan.blog.bgphotos82127originalmadaraSS851729%20%28Copy%29.JPG
Madara Rider, photo: Wikipedia
  1. Don’t expect to experience the Bulgarian culture.                                   10_5526725
Photo: naHotel.net
  1. As there is none                                                         Koleda1-24992-500x0
  1. The food is also awful                            bulgarinafood
Photo: www.vagobond.com
  1. I mean, look at that! It’s gross!                           Bulgarian_Food_1
  1. There is simply no such thing as traditional Bulgarian cuisine.                289189047fef7c2470662742c311901d0b972
  1. It’s not like there is a choice for good drinks either. No wine, no nothing          107d46ffbc75bebfdae96a80f7fe0788
  1. Everything is super boring                                                      Снимка на Ashraf Tariq
Sofia, photo: Ashraf Tariq
  1. And, did I mention, lame                                                    ezero-bubreka
Bubreka Lake, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. AND ugly                                                  царевец
Tsarevets, Veliko Turnovo, photo: R. Ivanova
  1. In conclusion, you see yourself that there isn’t really much to do and see, so don’t bother going to Bulgaria. Never!              stoikite


Source: https://janinayotova.wordpress.com

Want to come to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria in Europe

Thinking about visiting Bulgaria? Think no more. Here are some visual reasons to persuade you.

Bulgaria is a relatively small country in Southeastern Europe (the Balkans). Its neighbors are Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and the shining Black Sea. Има още

EU Council Gives Green Light to Danube Region Strategy

The EU 27 ministers for EU affairs have given a green light to the much anticipated Danube Region Strategy, which is supposed to help uplift economically Central and Southeast Europe.

Member States’ ministers for EU affairs adopted the Council’s conclusions about the Danube Region Strategy on 13 April 2011. Има още

Bulgarian Hotels Pledge to Shelter Japanese Survivors

Hotel managers in the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo have decided to offer some of their rooms to distressed Japanese citizens after the disasters which hit the Asian country.

The local hotels have sent to the Japanese Ambassador in Sofia, Makoto Ono, offering 30 rooms for homeless Japanese Има още

Новата единна ставка на ДДС върху туризма влезе в сила от 1 април

Новата единна ставка от 9% ДДС върху цената на туристичските услуги влезе в сила от 1 април 2011 г., съобщи Нова телевизия. Хотелиерите вече ще трябва да плащат 9% ДДС за организирани групи с туристи, а не 7%, както беше досега. Има още

Парен локомотив по линията София – Банкя

Пътуващите по линията София – Банкя, ще могат да ползват ретро вариант на две влакови композиции с парен локомотив в продължение на 20 дни от 21 март. Идеята е да се популяризира историческото наследство на националния железопътен превозвач. Има още

Bulgaria: Bulgaria Makes It to CNN’s Top 2011 Tourist Destinations – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency

Bulgaria has been listed among the top nine global tourist destinations for 2011 in a CNN article.Building upon recommendations from three travel experts, Robert Reid, US travel editor for Lonely Planet; Pauline Frommer, creator of Pauline Frommer’s guidebooks; and Martin Rapp, senior vice president of leisure sales at Altour, the CNN article places Bulgaria ninth in a list also featuring New York City, New Zealand, the Peruvian Amazon, Barcelona, Norway, Albania, Japan, and Guatemala.Bulgaria has been recommended by Robert Reid, pointing out it has the best Black Sea coastline for beach enthusiasts and offers great skiing in the mountains in the winter.“I love doing road trips in Bulgaria. It begs for it. It’s beautiful, and there’s not much traffic. It feels very safe,“ said Reid, who rode around the country last year in a Soviet-era 1972 Moskovich, which he bought for USD 500.Reid recommended visiting Veliko Tarnovo, an ancient capital, and the picturesque city of Plovdiv, home to Roman ruins.CNN’s full article about the top 2011 travel destinations READ HERE

via Bulgaria: Bulgaria Makes It to CNN’s Top 2011 Tourist Destinations – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency.

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