Mysterious Archaeological Site with Rock Carved Animal Heads Found near Bulgaria’s Sliven

Sliven-Rock-Herd-Site-2A mysterious archaeological site dubbed “The Rock Herd” which consists of rock carvings of animal heads made by an unknown sculptor in an unknown time period has been found near the eastern Bulgarian city of Sliven.

The unexplained site which appears to be an archaeological monument located in the mountains near Sliven has become known to the Bulgarian public from photos posted on Facebook, reports the local news site “Sliven Agency”.

It has been photographed by archaeologists from the Sliven Regional Museum of History but they have issued no conclusion as to when and by whom the animal heads may have been carved into the rock. Има още


Bulgaria: ethical farm stays (Guardian, UK)

Travelers can experience rural Bulgaria’s charming traditions in style, thanks to a new breed of ethical farmstays and a hip lodge, writes Kapka Kassabova.

Kapka Kassabova at Villa Gella, 'a new lodge with positively lyrical views over the mountains'. Photograph Tony Davidson

„Who shot that?“ I point at the wolf skin on the wall while we wash down an organic beef stew with Shumensko beer.

„Mitko,“ says his grandmother.

Mitko is 14 and lives here at Wild Farm, where his scientist parents have swapped their city jobs for a radical farming lifestyle. They inherited the house and bought a few head of cattle. Ten years on, they have 500 cows and 10 woolly dogs of a famed regional breed called, like the nomadic shepherds who lived here, Karakachan. The dogs are big, and they need to be – because there is a large wolf population here in Bulgaria’s eastern Rhodopes, a mountain region with the highest biodiversity in Europe. Има още

Bulgarian Roasted Peaches

Peach trees are found in abundance throughout the summer in Bulgaria. Locals make use of this delicious fruit and use them for everything. In Bulgaria you will find peaches baked, poached, pickled, roasted and even sweet soups.

Take advantage of this marvellous soft fruit and try our easy and simple recipe for Bulgarian Roasted Peaches. Има още

Architectural Styles in Bulgaria

In some Bulgarian towns like Smolyan or Sozopol one particular architectural style tends to dominate the urban landscape, but cities like Varna and Sofia are a mix of many different periods. Each building recants much about the historical period it was built in. Many of the styles echo a forgotten classical period and others attempted to provide practical affordable shelter. Architecture from the Second Bulgarian Empire – During the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185-1396), architecture from the renowned Tarnovo School reigned. Residential dwellings from this time fall into two groups depending on the status of the occupants: Bolyar Houses and Mass Dwellings. Tsarevets has the best example of Bolyar houses, built for the rich and ‘L’ shaped. They were divided into a living sector and one for business. Има още