About an hour and fifteen minutes north of Sofia, Lakatnik makes an excellent destination for a day trip. The name Lakatnik derives from the Bulgarian word for elbow, referring to the bend in the Iskar river. Whilst exploring the area around Sofia, you have plenty of options to enjoy diverse natural sceneries. Lakatnik is one of your top choices, especially if you’re up for a hike to reach some wide views over the .

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The train „Balkan Express 2013“ arrives in Bulgaria with fans of retro travel around the world

On October 6, 2013 the luxury train „Balkan Express 2013“ will arrive in Bulgaria with about 200 tourists from all over the world, lovers of retro trips with steam locomotives. The train departing from Germany on October 3rd is going to pass briefly through Austria, Hungary and Serbia and then will during the following 6 days is going to make stops for visits of various sites in Bulgaria. The journey is organized entirely with all available museum steam locomotives owned by the Bulgarian State Railways BDZ, which have been restored and are on the move.

The timetable of the train’s passage through the country is, as follows: Има още