VIP-Sliven Ltd is exclusive TO for Vietnam for Eastern Europe

VIP-Sliven Ltd officially formalized its contract with one of the biggest tour operators in Vietnam. That happened on Christmas with which is going to offer the lowest prices for holidays in Vietnam. VIP-Sliven Ltd is the exclusive tour operator for Eastern Europe for Asianwaytravel JSC. The prices are going to be groundbreakingly lower, times lower than similar offers from other European tour operators.

The packages are going to be flexible for individual tourists as well as groups. The tourists would have the opportunity to choose flights and there would be no hassle in terms of waiting or filling up the needed numbers of people in order for the holiday to run. VIP-Sliven Ltd is going to re-order your images about Vietnam, the easiness to get there and most importantly – the lowest prices for your holiday there.

Stay tuned for the packages and the details !