Представиха официално „Дунав Ултра“ 700- километров веломаршрут

На 13 ноември със спbike-route-1ециална презентация официално беше представен 700- километровият веломаршрут по поречието на река Дунав – „Дунав Ултра“. Събитието беше част от провеждащия се фестивал за екстремни приключения „Дни на предизвикателствата“ в София.Маршрутът носи името на река Дунав, тъй като повече от 500 километра от него следват поречието на реката на българска територия. Има още

Bulgarian capital shows Roman past to modern tourists

Bulgaria hopes to draw tourists intrigued by ancient tombs, mosaics and sewage systems later this year, thanks to engineers excavating a new line for the Sofia metro who stumbled across a street of prime real estate – from the 4th century AD.

Beneath modern Sofia lie the remains of Serdica, a lively, cosmopolitan city where Constantine the Great, the first Christian Roman emperor, lived for a year while looking for a new capital for his empire.

City officials plan to put an array of Roman remains on display in the next month, from bath houses to mosaics and tombs, and hope this will attract foreign tourists and help revive the Balkan nation’s struggling economy. Има още

What’s in the Weather?

Climate is often at the top of the list when people decide to immigrate to another country. Those from Britain’s colder northern climes pour over temperature charts to seek out the warmth of the sun, but Bulgaria’s reported temperatures are not that reliable as weather is very localised – it can pour with rain in one village yet 12 km away there can be burning sun.

The beauty of Bulgaria is that it offers four distinct seasons, which offer relief from the intense 30-degree temperatures of the summer months. However, it is only when people come to live in this climate, do they realise Bulgaria is not blessed with year-round summer temperatures. Има още

Bulgarian Hotels Pledge to Shelter Japanese Survivors

Hotel managers in the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo have decided to offer some of their rooms to distressed Japanese citizens after the disasters which hit the Asian country.

The local hotels have sent to the Japanese Ambassador in Sofia, Makoto Ono, offering 30 rooms for homeless Japanese Има още