b72612_237634e056a2479485ecb7d26ead0294In the eastern Rhodope mountains is the city of Kardzhali, 260 kilometres from Sofia. It has an interesting position in the country, directly at the Kardzhali Reservoir and Studen Kladenets Reservoir. Besides, it is surrounded by the Rhodope mountains and many other sights such as the Devil’s Bridge and Perperikon, the former residence of a Thracian king. Its central location makes it a historically significant city. The area has been inhabited since the Neolothic. However, Kardzhali is quite remote as opposed to other towns in the central valley, such as Stara Zagora. Kardzhali is directly in the mountains, which were used to build castles and fortresses that still have remains. During the Ottoman rule, the town got named after leader Kırca Ali, from which Kardzhali derives.

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Along the Southern Black Sea

The forceful attraction of the southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is its wonderful bays and spacious beaches with sand dunes. The main modern holiday resorts are there, including the famous Sunny Beach, but there are other less well known parts to explore of this utterly charming coastline. This area is the best choice for scenic bays and vast dazzling beaches, small romantic peninsulas and picturesque small old towns. We take a trip along the stunning southern Black Sea coastline with its mix of history, culture and luxury! You can book all of the following from VisitBulgariaOn.com online platform. Има още