TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2017 award for VIP-Sliven Ltd.

21125655_10156575556247586_2022282010158064544_oThe tour operator VIP-Sliven from the town of Sliven received the Certificate of Excellence 2017 award from the world’s largest travel website TripAdvisor for its 5 out of 5 rating for the trips it provides in Bulgaria. Има още

Мисия Сливен

Защо не България?

През 90-те години на ХХ век те бягаха от България „немили-недраги” и малцина от тях погледнаха назад. 15 години по-късно терминал 2 не е единствено изход. За наследниците на „немили-недраги” пътят обратно е възможен и осъзнат. Въпросът вече не е: „Защо България?”, а: „Защо не България?” През очите на модерните номади животът тук е различен – предизвикателен и пълен с възможности, видими отвън, но не и отвътре. Успехът им е възможен, защото мислят глобално, но действат локално – със стартъп компании, работа по арт или иновативни проекти, като учители или доброволци. В тази поредица ви срещаме с българските граждани на света, които преоткриват възможностите, които страната ни има, за да постигнат световен пробив с логото „Made in България”. Има още


mountain shelter, eagle's nestBulgaria is a small country in Eastern Europe best known for its beautiful long beaches on the Black Sea Coast and the gorgeous mountains that offer breathtaking views and many adventures for tourists. But there are many hidden gems in the country that every adventurer must visit. Here are 10 little known places in Bulgaria that you should definitely go next time you are in the country. You will be fascinated by the country’s rich history and magnificent creations of nature. Има още

Mysterious Archaeological Site with Rock Carved Animal Heads Found near Bulgaria’s Sliven

Sliven-Rock-Herd-Site-2A mysterious archaeological site dubbed “The Rock Herd” which consists of rock carvings of animal heads made by an unknown sculptor in an unknown time period has been found near the eastern Bulgarian city of Sliven.

The unexplained site which appears to be an archaeological monument located in the mountains near Sliven has become known to the Bulgarian public from photos posted on Facebook, reports the local news site “Sliven Agency”.

It has been photographed by archaeologists from the Sliven Regional Museum of History but they have issued no conclusion as to when and by whom the animal heads may have been carved into the rock. Има още

Want to come to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria in Europe

Thinking about visiting Bulgaria? Think no more. Here are some visual reasons to persuade you.

Bulgaria is a relatively small country in Southeastern Europe (the Balkans). Its neighbors are Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and the shining Black Sea. Има още

The Old Elm in Sliven is the European Tree of the Year 2014

The Old Elm, a thousands years old symbol of the East Bulgarian city of Sliven, became the European tree of the year 2014. The Old Elm was announced the winner at a ceremony held in the European Parliament on Wednesday 19th March. Ten national trees participated in the contest and competed for the title in on-line voting.

The Old Elm in Sliven won 77 526 votes. The winner is determined from the results of the on-line voting, in which a large number of Bulgarians and friends of Bulgaria participated.

The Old elm tree is in the centre of Sliven. It is a natural phenomenon, about 1 100 years old and 10 metres high.The trunk diameter at the roots is over 5 metres and 65 centimetres.

The Old Elm was declared a protected tree. Once it was part of an ancient forest, that spread from the Rhodopi Mountains to the Black Sea and according to legends the city of Sliven was built in the place of this old forest.

If you would like to support its fan page, please do it on .


photo: Kostas Anastassiu


European Tree of the year 2014!

1_Sliven_Elm-tree_(Ulmus-Bryast)_1000_years_old-Bozhidar_Iliev_(Bozho)We are not searching for the oldest, the tallest, the biggest, the most beautiful or the rarest of trees. We are searching for the most lovable tree, a tree with a story that can bring the community together. The trees participating in the European Tree of the Year are winners of national contests.

They are still 10 trees competing for the vote,but for now the first place is for The old Elm in City of Sliven, Sliven region,Bulgaria.

Тhe Old Elm is a main symbol of Sliven. It is a centuries-old silent witness of the city’s turbulent and heroic past.

Events organised around it on occasions of historic and community significance have turned it into a major marker. It is the place where mood of the city used to be measured. Public demonstrations and parades used to pass by the tree.

Today most people arrange their important meetings by the tree. It remains the most definitive orientation marker for newcomers to the city. It is also part of the city coat of arms and will remain a historic marker for future generations.



Young Entrepreneur from Sliven has been announced a lecturer at the World Travel Market 2013 in London

Hristo Yanev

Hristo Yanev

Hristo Yanev was selected by the seminar team at the World Travel Market 2013 in London (4-7 November 2013) to give a 10 minute lecture-speech on the topic „Bulgaria as a destination“ to tens of thousands of exhibitors and visitors of the second largest tourist exhibition in the world. This is a huge honor and respect, which he and the managed tour operator are taking and are going to do the best possible to take this excellent opportunity. The date and time are specified by the seminar team. Hristo Yanev will take the floor on 6 November (Wednesday) at 14:00 local time.

It is interesting to note that never before was there a Bulgarian speaker with the exception of the ministers of the various governments that had held press conferences only to a narrow circle of journalists. This is unprecedented for Bulgaria. Let us wish success and good performance of our country in front of one of the most numerous professional audiences in the world. Има още

Bulgarka Hill Climbing 2013

On 29 and 30th June 2013 the yearly Bulgarka Hill Climbing competition took place. It was an incredible race to the top of the peak with many competitive cars on the asphalt.

You could have a look at all own photos from the competition in our facebook fan page


This weekend (22-23 June 2013) Sliven witnessed the first motocross GRAND PRIX after 25-year pause. The newest motocross racing track is built around the Sliven airport just before the city sign when you travel from Yambol. It’s said to be the 2nd best in Bulgaria after the track in Sevlievo which hosts one of the World Championship rounds. The aim here is to enliven the motocross tradition in Sliven and to make the track host European rounds and from the world championship. In its inauguration it’s „just“a national competition but still very strong with more than 150 participants.

You can have a look at photos of the new track + action ones in our Facebook fan page.