b72612_e8d40f5e13304dba9b4d133e61c3aa44Along the majestic Danube River, right across the vast plains leading to Romanian Bucharest, is Ruse. This is one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful cities. Many jokingly refer to it as a piece that crumbled off Vienna and came all the way down the Danube. As with many places in Bulgaria, a legend is attached to its name. In case of Ruse, its name is said to derive from the female founder ‘Rusa’, meaning blond hair. Another good reason could be that the city was named after the Cherven fortress nearby, meaning ‘red’ through the word ‘rous’. Ruse is a nice city – very elegant with its long boulevards, green city parks and stylish cafes. I have been to Ruse several times and it remains one of my favourite cities. Especially on a summer day, when the streets are crowded and a cool breeze comes from the Danube.

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