10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria

11110 of the most beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria by Ellis Shuman – I think it’s quite amazing that Bulgaria is still considered to be off the beaten track for Western tourists, because the country has a bit of everything, and all at very affordable prices. The Mountain slopes of Bansko and Pomporovo attract skiers in the winter and the Black Sea beaches draw the crowds in the summer months. Sofia – the capital – is probably not the most beautiful city you can visit, but once you get out into the countryside and start exploring the gorgeous coastline, I think you’ll fall captive to Bulgaria’s special charm. Here is my choice for the most beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria.. Има още




Zemen is a quaint, little town southwest of Sofia. It can be reached easily by train (2 hrs) or by your own transport (1,5 hrs). You pass Vitosha mountain and hills, valleys and interesting villages can be seen along the way. Here, in the country of yoghurt, rakia and the world famous Shopska salad, you can get well-rested in the hilly surroundings of the village. Zemen being just a small town, it still has some surprises awaiting you. One such example is Zemen Monastery, right outside the town. It can be reached from the village center by car or on foot.

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Rila Monastery


As one of Bulgaria’s main symbols, the country’s largest monastery is a must-see. It has eye-catching architecture, rich details and a long history. Together with the mountainous surroundings, it is a beautiful place to pay a visit to. As you approach the monastery, it appears to be like a large fortress, because of its tall walls. As you enter the gates, its beauty is striking. This monastery was founded by Ivan of Rila (Ivan Rilski), who was a hermit living in a cave in the nearby area. He had close to no possessions but he was known to educate pupils.

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