19 reasons why you should visit the cheapest country in Europe

bulgaria_sofia_alexander_nevski_cathedral_panorama_istock_000025118398largeRegular readers will know that Bulgaria features at the top of nearly every survey into the cheapest destinations in Europe. But there’s more to the eastern European country than its price tag. Allow us to introduce you to the reasons Bulgaria really should be your next holiday. Има още

84 reasons to love Bulgaria


untitled-12-3Every time I travel abroad I realize how much I love Bulgaria. Our country is gorgeous! We often don’t see it or take whatever we have as granted. We also like to compare ourselves to others. And I know it’s easier to point out the bad things, but let’s do the opposite instead.

Let’s think about the good things that warm our Bulgarian hearts even when we are far away, and which impress the adventurous foreign travelers when visiting our country. Because… Bulgaria is gorgeous and here are 84 reasons to love it!
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Want to come to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria in Europe

Thinking about visiting Bulgaria? Think no more. Here are some visual reasons to persuade you.

Bulgaria is a relatively small country in Southeastern Europe (the Balkans). Its neighbors are Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and the shining Black Sea. Има още