Представиха официално „Дунав Ултра“ 700- километров веломаршрут

На 13 ноември със спbike-route-1ециална презентация официално беше представен 700- километровият веломаршрут по поречието на река Дунав – „Дунав Ултра“. Събитието беше част от провеждащия се фестивал за екстремни приключения „Дни на предизвикателствата“ в София.Маршрутът носи името на река Дунав, тъй като повече от 500 километра от него следват поречието на реката на българска територия. Има още

Emen Canyon

b72612_3bdf14ce89b948dba96fc0316acb0b6bWest of Veliko Tarnovo is one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful canyons – Emen. Named after Emen village, where the canyon origins, it is a perfect example of Bulgaria’s untouched nature. In thousands of years, the Negovanka river has cut through soft limestone and created the ridges, waterfalls and a lake in the canyon’s central part. The Negovanka Trail, which crosses the canyon, was Bulgaria’s first. Има още


b72612_928500ef5672460bb24aa902fa24773dThose who know Bulgaria are well aware of its natural wealth. Abundant springs of mineral water, lush hills and steep mountains, lakes and vast plains. Fields of grapes and sunflowers stretch until the horizon and beaches reach into the blue waters. Subterranean, the country is also blessed with various assets. Its caves are truly marvellous and each have their unique characteristics. Caves in Bulgaria tend to have many interesting legends attached to them. Likewise, they have been given beautiful names such as ‘Snezhanka’, meaning ‘Snowwhite’. One of Bulgaria’s most beautiful is the ‘Devil’s Throat Cave’, described in this article. Има още

18 Reasons You Should Book A Trip To Bulgaria ASAP

Mountain villige, Europe, Bulgaria

Ask a novice traveler to describe the Balkan Peninsula, and you’ll likely encounter blank stares, quizzical looks and the ever-echoing “Waaait… where?”

But just because this land of lush mountains, sparkling seas and fluffy AF bread knots isn’t popular with Americans does NOT mean it should be tossed from your bucket list. Bulgaria, in particular, is the perfect place to start your Balkan adventure.

Confused? Allow us to explain…

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mountain shelter, eagle's nestBulgaria is a small country in Eastern Europe best known for its beautiful long beaches on the Black Sea Coast and the gorgeous mountains that offer breathtaking views and many adventures for tourists. But there are many hidden gems in the country that every adventurer must visit. Here are 10 little known places in Bulgaria that you should definitely go next time you are in the country. You will be fascinated by the country’s rich history and magnificent creations of nature. Има още