Bulgaria Ranked 8th in ‘Top 10 Countries’ List of Rough Guides

Bulgaria is eighth in the 2014 edition of the „Top 10 Countries“ ranking of British travel guidebook and reference publisher Rough Guides.

Bulgaria is described as an intriguing destination due to its fabulous beaches, weather, low prices, pretty historic towns and friendly people.

Rough Guides notes that Bulgaria’s Black Sea resorts pull in the most visitors, adding that skiing, hiking and mountain biking are becoming increasingly popular, especially on the mountain massif of Vitosha outside Sofia, the Rhodope Mountains in the south and the towering granite peaks of the Rila. Има още

Architectural Styles in Bulgaria

In some Bulgarian towns like Smolyan or Sozopol one particular architectural style tends to dominate the urban landscape, but cities like Varna and Sofia are a mix of many different periods. Each building recants much about the historical period it was built in. Many of the styles echo a forgotten classical period and others attempted to provide practical affordable shelter. Architecture from the Second Bulgarian Empire – During the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185-1396), architecture from the renowned Tarnovo School reigned. Residential dwellings from this time fall into two groups depending on the status of the occupants: Bolyar Houses and Mass Dwellings. Tsarevets has the best example of Bolyar houses, built for the rich and ‘L’ shaped. They were divided into a living sector and one for business. Има още

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