Представиха официално „Дунав Ултра“ 700- километров веломаршрут

На 13 ноември със спbike-route-1ециална презентация официално беше представен 700- километровият веломаршрут по поречието на река Дунав – „Дунав Ултра“. Събитието беше част от провеждащия се фестивал за екстремни приключения „Дни на предизвикателствата“ в София.Маршрутът носи името на река Дунав, тъй като повече от 500 километра от него следват поречието на реката на българска територия. Има още

Dispatches Detours: ‘I don’t know any city in Europe that can compete with Sofia’

сфHow cool is Sofia? Let’s just say this … after traveling nearly constantly and living around the world from France to South Korea, my sister Marjorie is not easily impressed.

So to my amazement, when I called in July to ask her how things were going during her 3-week stay in Sofia, Bulgaria, she raved! All superlatives! Има още



At about 90 kilometres east of Sofia is a pleasant and laid-back town surrounded by hills. Well, there are many such towns close to Sofia. However, Panagyurishte deserves a story of its own, especially because of its historical relevance for the country. The city’s name derives from the Greek word ‘Panegyri’, which stands for festival or fair. The town gained national recognition as it was the main center of the April Uprising (1876) against the Ottomans who occupied Bulgaria.

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rich historyBulgaria is one of the countries in Europe that is definitely worth visiting. Full of history, lovely nature, friendly people, gorgeous mountains and breathtaking coastline.

The small Balkan member of the European Union is often underrated as a tourist destination, but everyone who has ever been to some of the major cities – Sofia, Plovdiv or Bourgas have fell in love with Bulgaria.

There are surely more than 10 reasons why you should visit Bulgaria, but we selected some of the country’s most distinguishing features that make every tourist wanting to explore more of this piece of paradise.
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