What we have given to the world?


What we have given to the world?

Bulgarian inventions

The first woman in the world, participated in combat flight

Raina Kassabova was the first woman in the world to participate in combat flight fighter. She was 15 years old when she went to serve as a volunteer in a field hospital during the Balkan War. The flight, in which she took part in lasted 43 minutes, and from the plane Raina threw leaflets with an appeal to stop the bloodshed. In 2009 a glacier in Antarctica was named after her.

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7 advantages of speaking Bulgarian

photo_verybig_720988I am trying to make a point with this post! 😀 A few days ago me and my friends were discussing the advantages of being born English or French or Spanish or Italian or Chinese and so on. You can already speak one of the most frequently used languages in the world and at the same time, just like everybody else, you can also choose to learn a 2nd and a 3rd one; you can travel and work whenever you want; you can actually make a living out of it; you can do anything!

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Bulgaria: Come for a Visit – Return on Investment

Media Campaign Bulgaria
Bulgaria – come for a visit, return on investmen

In March 2013 InvestBulgaria agency has launched a global campaign promoting the investment benefits that Bulgaria offers. The campaign builds on simple, however not well known facts about the benefits and the incentives that the country offers to the investors. Low tax burden, qualified workforce, low operational costs, strategic location, stable fiscal and economic policies, moderate climate, preserved nature – are just to name a few of them. Има още

Bulgarian Lavender Oil

Bulgaria`s location is regarded to be the best environment for the farming of oil-yielding vegetation, and of the best quality important skin oils on the globe. Lavender oil is one of the most popular skin oils due to its amazing fragrance and amazing features commonly used in the healthy skin care, makeup, aromatherapy, taste and remedies sectors. Lavender Oil is commonly used in various factors of our life such as aromatherapy, Cosmetics, Disinfection, Herbalist, Rubs and relaxation. Има още

Bulgarian Roasted Peaches

Peach trees are found in abundance throughout the summer in Bulgaria. Locals make use of this delicious fruit and use them for everything. In Bulgaria you will find peaches baked, poached, pickled, roasted and even sweet soups.

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Bulgarian tourist information centre was opened in South France

Bulgarian tourist information centre called Info Bulgaria was opened in South France, Monitor Daily reported. The tourist centre is situated in the town of Perpignan which is located close to the French-Spanish border.

Tourists will have the opportunity to receive free of charge information about Bulgarian tourist routes, as well as to book their vacations, Bulgarian language and culture courses. Има още