12 tips for creating the best wine tour for you with the help of Edoardo Miroglio winery

Edoardo Miroglio wineryWine travel is on the up, and for any fledgling wine lover the next logical step in your wine relationship would be to go on a wine tour. As you know, Edoardo Miroglio winery offers such from 8 EUR per person for a wine tasting tour up to 20 EUR per person depending on the wines tasted. So, here we have some important points we share with you, our reader.

If you’re a wine travel virgin, it might seem daunting knowing what to expect on your very first wine holiday, or even if you’re a seasoned winery visitor, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of what to expect and how to plan.

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Best Tourism in the World

Bulgaria’s has the ability to offer the best tourism in the world from its unique geographical features. As a country it is small, less than half the size of the UK with a population of only seven and a half million, but it has every geological feature you can think of from high mountain peaks and glacial lakes to fast-flowing rivers, vast forests and a beautiful natural coastline on the border of the Black Sea. The country’s rich geography is more diverse than countries four times its size, and the fact that it is not heavily populated means that there are more species of animals than other nations much larger in size. Bulgaria offers visitors a wide diversity of options for year round holidays, and does with out a doubt offer some of the best tourism in the world. Има още

Bulgarian Lavender Oil

Bulgaria`s location is regarded to be the best environment for the farming of oil-yielding vegetation, and of the best quality important skin oils on the globe. Lavender oil is one of the most popular skin oils due to its amazing fragrance and amazing features commonly used in the healthy skin care, makeup, aromatherapy, taste and remedies sectors. Lavender Oil is commonly used in various factors of our life such as aromatherapy, Cosmetics, Disinfection, Herbalist, Rubs and relaxation. Има още