31 Reasons you should never visit Bulgaria

  1. So, for some reason, you are planning a trip to Bulgaria?Marvelous Bridges landmark in Rhodope Mountains
Chudnite Mostove, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. Well, think again! It’s so gray and dumb!rhodope-4807d
Dyavolski Most, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. There is nothing impressive.                                                                    chudnite-skali
 Chudnite Skali, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. For starters, look at this awful place!       httpswww.pinterest.compin394487248580788477
Rila Monastery, photo: Maria Novatschkova
  1. Sorry to break it to you, but there is no sightseeing possible in Bulgaria Gate in the Poppies
Kaliakra, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. As there is absolutely nothing to see                                          aerial-18303d2
Shipka, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. There is nothing to expernestinari_tantsuvat_0ience
Nestinari, photo: Nikolay Dimitrov
  1. Absolutely nothing to explore                              IMG_5669d2-1
Buzludzha, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. Everything looks all the same                                                         vijgo.com-пловдив-21
Plovdiv, photo: Yael Levey Photos on pinterest
  1. It gets worse at night!                                                           vijgo.com-пловдив-16
Plovdiv, Photo: Dora Apostolova
  1. The mountains are ‘meh’                                          rilski-ezera1
Rila Mountains, Seven Rila Lakes. Photo: viktoriyaveselinova.wordpress.com
  1. Don’t even think of coming here in the winter                       Ashraf Tariq Photography
Sofia, photo: Ashraf Tariq
  1. Because winter in Bulgaria is super ugly                                  cannons-6301d2
Shipka, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. So is the summer                                                           Balchik_garden
Balchik Gardens, photo: www.bgkranevo.com
  1. Bulgarian mountains, in general, are lame                            gorge-14383
Rhodope Mountains, photo Evgeni Dinev
  1. And so are the caves                                                                httpswww.pinterest.compin394487248580788583
Devetashka Cave, photo: Yael Levey Photos on pinterest
  1. Don’t even get me started on the lakes

Stitched Panorama

Rila mountain, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. Waterfalls? Just some dirty cold water falling down some ugly rocks. Not impressive at all                                                                                                                      niki
Krushunski Waterfalls, photo: Niki Todorov
  1. Beaches? They are all so dirty and overcrowded                     gradina
Camp Gradina, photo: Petar Tashev
  1. There isn’t even a place where you can sit back and chill                      httpswww.facebook.combar.cubophotospb.225949127419960.-2207520000.1427225328.883494621665404type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Ffbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net%2Fhphotos-ak-xpf1%2Ft31.0-8%2F1522754_883494621665404_542966149274
Cubo bar, Varna, photo: Cubo on facebook.com
  1. No history to be found. It’s not like Bulgaria was established 1334 years ago, but who counts.                                                     httpjustivan.blog.bgphotos82127originalmadaraSS851729%20%28Copy%29.JPG
Madara Rider, photo: Wikipedia
  1. Don’t expect to experience the Bulgarian culture.                                   10_5526725
Photo: naHotel.net
  1. As there is none                                                         Koleda1-24992-500x0
  1. The food is also awful                            bulgarinafood
Photo: www.vagobond.com
  1. I mean, look at that! It’s gross!                           Bulgarian_Food_1
  1. There is simply no such thing as traditional Bulgarian cuisine.                289189047fef7c2470662742c311901d0b972
  1. It’s not like there is a choice for good drinks either. No wine, no nothing          107d46ffbc75bebfdae96a80f7fe0788
  1. Everything is super boring                                                      Снимка на Ashraf Tariq
Sofia, photo: Ashraf Tariq
  1. And, did I mention, lame                                                    ezero-bubreka
Bubreka Lake, photo: Evgeni Dinev
  1. AND ugly                                                  царевец
Tsarevets, Veliko Turnovo, photo: R. Ivanova
  1. In conclusion, you see yourself that there isn’t really much to do and see, so don’t bother going to Bulgaria. Never!              stoikite


Source: https://janinayotova.wordpress.com