Представиха официално „Дунав Ултра“ 700- километров веломаршрут

На 13 ноември със спbike-route-1ециална презентация официално беше представен 700- километровият веломаршрут по поречието на река Дунав – „Дунав Ултра“. Събитието беше част от провеждащия се фестивал за екстремни приключения „Дни на предизвикателствата“ в София.Маршрутът носи името на река Дунав, тъй като повече от 500 километра от него следват поречието на реката на българска територия. Има още

The train „Balkan Express 2013“ arrives in Bulgaria with fans of retro travel around the world

On October 6, 2013 the luxury train „Balkan Express 2013“ will arrive in Bulgaria with about 200 tourists from all over the world, lovers of retro trips with steam locomotives. The train departing from Germany on October 3rd is going to pass briefly through Austria, Hungary and Serbia and then will during the following 6 days is going to make stops for visits of various sites in Bulgaria. The journey is organized entirely with all available museum steam locomotives owned by the Bulgarian State Railways BDZ, which have been restored and are on the move.

The timetable of the train’s passage through the country is, as follows: Има още

Rhodope Mountain Towns and Villages

The majestic Rhodope Mountains are home to some wonderful towns and villages, which offer all of the rustic charm that the real Bulgaria has to offer. This is an area with welcoming friendly folk, tasty regional cuisine, panoramic scenery and a sunny climate – even when it snows! We take a look at some of the best areas to holiday or invest in Smolyan district.

Gela: Birthplace of Orpheus

This is the legendary birthplace of Orpheus, and one of the oldest settlements in the Rhodopes. Now there remain only a few dozen inhabitants of this beautiful remote village. If it is peace and tranquillity you are after, come to Gela. But if this is the case, avoid the first Sunday of August, when the lively Illinden Festival takes place – it’s a bagpipe competition and there’s liable to be lots of noise, but if you want to join in you can actually buy a set of traditional bagpipes, known as the gaida, or the larger kaba gaida, which are made from an airtight sheep hide. Има още

Along the Southern Black Sea

The forceful attraction of the southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is its wonderful bays and spacious beaches with sand dunes. The main modern holiday resorts are there, including the famous Sunny Beach, but there are other less well known parts to explore of this utterly charming coastline. This area is the best choice for scenic bays and vast dazzling beaches, small romantic peninsulas and picturesque small old towns. We take a trip along the stunning southern Black Sea coastline with its mix of history, culture and luxury! You can book all of the following from VisitBulgariaOn.com online platform. Има още

What’s in the Weather?

Climate is often at the top of the list when people decide to immigrate to another country. Those from Britain’s colder northern climes pour over temperature charts to seek out the warmth of the sun, but Bulgaria’s reported temperatures are not that reliable as weather is very localised – it can pour with rain in one village yet 12 km away there can be burning sun.

The beauty of Bulgaria is that it offers four distinct seasons, which offer relief from the intense 30-degree temperatures of the summer months. However, it is only when people come to live in this climate, do they realise Bulgaria is not blessed with year-round summer temperatures. Има още

EU Council Gives Green Light to Danube Region Strategy

The EU 27 ministers for EU affairs have given a green light to the much anticipated Danube Region Strategy, which is supposed to help uplift economically Central and Southeast Europe.

Member States’ ministers for EU affairs adopted the Council’s conclusions about the Danube Region Strategy on 13 April 2011. Има още