Get the best views from the Stob’s pyramids

A few weeks ago I visited the Stob’s pyramids, situated only an hour away from Sofia. I had no idea what they would look like and I was very curious. A friend of mine advised that I should visit them when the weather is sunny, and I was lucky that day as it was sunny and warm. The Stob’s pyramids are a landmark of a national importance.


We arrived and took the eco-path that was leading to the pyramids. After 40min of walking, we were approaching and the sights were getting more and more beautiful and impressive. The surrounding nature was captivating.
The Stob’s pyramids are sandstone formations situated at the foot of Rila mountain. They look quite odd and each one has a stone on top that looks like a hat. Of course, the sun, wind and rain constantly change their shape, and often some of them are replaced by new ones.


There are 2 legends about the pyramids. The first one is about a boy and a girl who wanted to get married. The girl’s mother was against their marriage and she cursed all guests to turn into stones on the big day. The second legend says about a wedding again. The bride was so beautiful that the best man couldn’t help himself and he kissed her. Then all guests turned into stones.


Stob’s pyramids are wonderful for a weekend getaway and I would love to return one day. Do you have something similar where you live?

Source: Sun and Sany






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