5 reasons to visit the wonderful Plovdiv

1. Beautiful architecture – the colourful buildings in Secession style turn the main street of Plovdiv into an open city gallery, while the Old Town is a historic preservation site known for its Bulgarian Renaissance architectural style. A good reason to take hundred of photos while wandering around.

2. Street art – Plovdiv is full of street art which is evident at every corner. Whether the hidden backyards or Kapana District, you’ll find that even the hills are painted with the portraits of the Bulgarian national heroes.

3. Ancient history Plovdiv as a part of the Roman empire, most of the ruins remain and are everywhere around you.

4. The garden of Tzar Simeon – dates back since 1892 and it is a little heaven in the heart of the city. The lined trees park is perfect for walking, picnics and relaxing even in the winter months.

5. Alfredo Ice cream House – the place to eat desserts and sweets with ice cream, waffles. real Belgian chocolate, gelato pancakes, etc. in a cosy atmosphere.

Source: Sun and Sany

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