The Castle in Love with the Wind, Ravadinovo- Bulgaria

1473943798In Love with the Wind – the castle with the magnificent structures made of marble and metamorphosed limestone from the fairy tales of a talented architect and dreamer,Georgi Tumpalov.The only newly built castle in Europe.

The Castle In Love with the Wind – a fairy tale near the sea. The place where the Castle is built is a unique natural phenomenon. Here, the wind loves the sun and always when the sun shines, there is a wind. On this bare field near the village, Georgi Tumpalov, an architect and developer, decided to make it child’s dream come true – to build a castle that exists only in fairy tales. But a dream never comes alone. Tumpalov attracted to the modest village of Ravadinovo, standing 6 km from Sozopol, enormous crowds of visitors from all over the world. The castle was awarded the prize for the most attractive tourist site of the year by the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association. In 2013, Walt Disney used its natural décor to make its movie the Sleeping Beauty. In 2016 the castle won the first prize of the international competition „A’ Design Awards 2016” in the category: „A Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design“.







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