What we have given to the world?


What we have given to the world?

Bulgarian inventions

The first woman in the world, participated in combat flight

Raina Kassabova was the first woman in the world to participate in combat flight fighter. She was 15 years old when she went to serve as a volunteer in a field hospital during the Balkan War. The flight, in which she took part in lasted 43 minutes, and from the plane Raina threw leaflets with an appeal to stop the bloodshed. In 2009 a glacier in Antarctica was named after her.

Space food

The third country in the world, registered in the United Nations (UN) after the United States and the Soviet Union, which sends food in space is Bulgaria. Bulgarian Space food was invented by scientists from the Institute of Cryobiology and lyophilization. Here it must be mentioned the name of the academician Tsvetan Tsvetkov. Team under his leadership develops and implements freeze-dried foods on a different basis and functional foods for meals under extreme conditions produced by modern methods cryobiotech.

The use of solar energy

Dimitar Chernev received worldwide recognition for his invention – battery using solar energy. This discovery is the first of its kind that helps the use of solar energy for heating and cooling.

The opening of the sixth tone of heart

The opening of the sixth ton of heart helps restore heart rhythm and avoid mistakes in diagnosing cardial work. The discovery was made by Bulgarian professor Ivan Mitev and brings his name – tone Mitev.

Medicine of snowflake

Nivalin medicine used for the treatment of polio and finds particular application in neurology. The discovery of prof. Dr Dimitar Paskov – Bulgarian pharmacologist, one of the founders of Bulgarian experimental pharmacology, and was made in 1956.


The cars Suzuki, Honda, Renault and Toyota use automatic gearbox invented by Roumen Antonov. It’s a Bulgarian invention in the field of automotive industry in 1991 and soon after he sold it to leading car manufacturers.

The world’s first anti weapons

Bulgarian engineer Yuri Markov invented unique „anti weapons„. The device is the size of a pocket knife and detect any explosives and firearms. The device, which weighs just 500 grams., can detect firearms or blast radius more than 10 meters, even through a concrete wall.

Talking books for the blind

Bulgarian student in the United States ranks first in the competition for the creation of models – digital talking books for the blind. 23-year-old Lachezar Tsvetanov from Sofia studied industrial design at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

His „Dook“ has been selected as the best project among the 146 students from 28 design schools. Upon opening the silver cover book reaches standard size. Buttons of different shapes at the edges facilitate blind readers to use the device.

Revolution in Translation

Еngineer Koycho Mitev made a revolution in inter-linguistic communication. „The method for computer inter-linguistic translation“ is an algorithm for digital encoding human speech. With his help is achieved communication in the mother tongue in real time without the presence of an translator. The device that performs transformation of numeric codes has chip built into the phone. The invention of Eng. Koycho Mitev was awarded the prize „John Atanasov“ exhibition of inventions and innovations „Evrointelekt-2003“ and the 21st World Exhibition of Innovation „Inpex“ in the US in 2005.

Lord of the atom

In 1950 the Geneva Conference the USA announced that they have a reliable system for registration of nuclear explosions anywhere in the world, and agree with the Soviet Union for a moratorium on testing nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. The basis of established US control system stands mysterious physical phenomena EMF (electromagnetic pulse). Back in 1962, first appeared in the US press appeared information about „the unique role that this discovery has for US security and world peace“ and communicate the name of its author – Prof. Dr. Krusty Krastev.

Improvement piston steam engine

On March 4, 1857 in Paris was held the regular meeting of the prestigious Association to support the national industry, in which the Bulgarian Nikolay Toshkovich protected his invention related to improvement of the pistons of the steam engine. The Bulgarian technical genius suggests using elastic bands placed in special channels on the surface of the piston. Paris Society for the support of domestic industry not only praised this invention and patent inventor, but also appoint a committee, to provide the inventor assist in its further work on the improvement of the piston and its application in railway locomotives.

Brownian gas

Yul Brown, or Ilia Valkov was born on April 20, 1922 in Varna. He is called the founder of Brownian gas. The Brownian gas is gaseous mix from hydrogen and oxygen 2:1. The gas gets CE over electrolysis of water where CE setting aside hydrogen and oxygen. Brown discovered a simple way to store them together in the Single same container without explosion. When mix of hydrogen and oxygen burns and explodes, it blows up not outward, and inward. Bulgarian scientists managed to „harness“ this unique reaction for motion of vacuum automobile engine. It burns hydrogen oxidizing it with oxygen implosion of Brownian gas. Ilia Valkov was involved in the creation of new gas mix scuba without using of hard scuba spacesuits normal atmospheric pressure. His new mix allow divers to work quietly in light neoprene suits considerably more depth than any other famous mix prior to it.

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