b72612_45283b4100814192afd66b5b37644247My first visit to Sofia was by train from Bucharest, in 2012. I still remember the nature I passed before reaching the capital. Having been in Sofia for just a day, my curiosity was triggered to discover more. I never expected to live in Sofia only two years later. While still in the Netherlands, I wanted to pursue a new challenge and move abroad. Sofia attracted me because it is relatively calm – not too small and not too large.

I remembered the leafy streets and large parks of Sofia, and all the crowds hanging out and enjoying themselves. I imagined the cold winters as well and remembered Sofia’s cozy cafes. Moreover, I got interested in Bulgaria in general after visiting. After finding a job, I started a new chapter of my live and made the move in 2014. After a year, I can say that I found my place. The city has interesting architecture dating back to many different periods in history. Sofia has plenty of sights and so does the surrounding area. I can call Sofia my home now and would like to share my impressions with you. I ventured into many neighborhoods during all four seasons, so you can see the city through my eyes.

 Sofia is a modern European capital, built upon thousands of years of historical layers. About 3000 years ago, Serdica was a settlement of the Serdi tribe. The remains of Serdica are still visible, right in the center. Around and above Serdica, gigantic socialist buildings make for an enormous contrast. Sofia consists of layers of civilizations. In Sofia, old and new seem to blend in everywhere. The city offers excellent restaurants, with typical regional dishes or a wide variety of international cuisine. Likewise, Sofia has many options for a good night out. From bars featuring jazz, rock or any other type of music to large, bustling clubs. Sofia has many hidden spots that you would not normally stumble upon. Staying in Sofia for a longer period of time, you can be sure to find many interesting places to see or to hang out at. Enjoy my album and above all – enjoy what Sofia has to offer!


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