rich historyBulgaria is one of the countries in Europe that is definitely worth visiting. Full of history, lovely nature, friendly people, gorgeous mountains and breathtaking coastline.

The small Balkan member of the European Union is often underrated as a tourist destination, but everyone who has ever been to some of the major cities – Sofia, Plovdiv or Bourgas have fell in love with Bulgaria.

There are surely more than 10 reasons why you should visit Bulgaria, but we selected some of the country’s most distinguishing features that make every tourist wanting to explore more of this piece of paradise.

5591731832_4dca486c20_z1. It’s cheap

Bulgaria is a member of EU, but is not part of the Eurozone, so it still uses its national currency ‘Lev’. 1Bulgarian Lev equals to 0.51 Euro so basically you can buy anything here for half the prices in the most EU countries and the quality is still high. A good meal at a restaurant costs about 5 euro, while a couple can have a nice dinner in for less than 25 euro (including the wine). Make your calculations…


food2. Great Food

The Bulgarian cuisine is like no other. The traditional Bulgarian dishes are like an explosion of tastes in your mouth – a combination of meat, vegetables and local ingredients. If you visit Bulgaria in 2016, make sure you try the Moussaka or the Shopska Salad.


friendly people3. Friendly People

If you don’t know Bulgarian language – don’t worry. Locals are very nice and friendly people and everyone is ready to help you with whatever he can. Most of them speak English, but even if they don’t, they will find a way to talk to you.


bg women4. Beautiful Women

It’s a very well known fact that Bulgarian women are one of the most beautiful in the world. If you ever go to Bulgaria, you’ll see for yourself.



11219146185_26e7fc447e_z5. Majestic Mountain Landscape

There are six mountain ranges in Bulgaria and each one of them is a real treasure. High peaks, snowy slopes, green scenery, deep forests, mineral springs – everything that you could ever ask for.



ski resorts6. Ski Resorts

The country is home to one of the best ski resorts in Eastern Europe and one of the cheapest as well. Whether you choose Pamporovo, Bansko or Borovets, you will spend an amazing vacation. The resorts are also very close to Sofia and Plovdiv, which makes them easily accessible by car or bus.


breathtaking beaches7. Breathtaking Beaches

If you happen to be in Bulgaria during the summer, forget about the crowded resorts and seek for country’s hidden gems on the coastline. One of the places worth visiting is the astonishing cape Emine.



rich history8. Rich History

You will be fascinated by country’s rich history and cultural diversity. A little known fact is that Bulgaria was once a great empire with its territory reaching the coasts of three seas – Black, Adriatic and Aegean. There are a lot of preserved ancient treasures, churches and monasteries that will reveal to you the secrets of the past.



picturesque villages9. Picturesque Villages

The picturesque Bulgarian villages are the perfect place for a peaceful vacation. You can find a lot of small villages, located close to big cities, so you avoid the crowds, but you are still close to shops, nightclubs and restaurants.



wine and rakia10. Wine and Rakia

No matter whether you drink alcohol or not, you will be tempted to try some of the Bulgarian wines or the traditional Rakia. Locals like to make their own homemade wine, which tastes even better.



Source: http://blog.gruborpub.com/


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