mountain shelter, eagle's nestBulgaria is a small country in Eastern Europe best known for its beautiful long beaches on the Black Sea Coast and the gorgeous mountains that offer breathtaking views and many adventures for tourists. But there are many hidden gems in the country that every adventurer must visit. Here are 10 little known places in Bulgaria that you should definitely go next time you are in the country. You will be fascinated by the country’s rich history and magnificent creations of nature.


beglik tash

#10 Beglik Tash, Primorsko

st. atanas cape, byala

#9 The Fortress on St. Atanas Cape, Byala


razboishki monastery

#8 Vavedenie Bogorodichno (Razboishki Monastery)

eco trail canyon falls, smolyan

#7 Eco Trail Canyon Falls, Smolyan

mountain shelter, eagle's nest

#6 Mountain Shelter “Eagle’s Nest”

momin skok, emen

#5 Momin Skok Waterfall, Emen (Veliko Tarnovo)

boji most

#4 Boji Most (God’s Bridge)

sinite kamani

#3 Sinite Kamani Natural Park, Sliven

hotnishki waterfall

#2 Hotnishki Waterfall

bukelon fortress

#1 Bukelon Fortress, Matochina





Source: http://blog.gruborpub.com/


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