shiroka lykaBulgaria is a country with rich history and many magical places, most of which are well hidden behind gorgeous mountains and deep forests. We selected 10 Bulgarian villages, which have great meaning for the Bulgarian history and are so beautiful that you’ll fall in love with them if you ever visit them.


631. Bozhentsi

This small Bulgarian village will take you back in the time of the Bulgarian Revival with its entirely preserved architecture from that period. Situated in the middle of Stara Planina mountain, the village offers a variety of attractions that you can enjoy. You should also try the local Banitsa, a delicious part of the Bulgarian cuisine.


Capture2. Zheravna

Famous for its well preserved houses and museums from the Renaissance, this picturesque village will enchant you with its nature and unique architecture.



delchevo3. Delchevo

Nestled in the Pirin mountain, this village is also known as the “eagle” of Pirin, because it’s just like an eagle, perched high in the mountains. Just imagine the view from this point!



shiroka lyka4. Shiroka Laka

Best known for its authentic Rhodope houses, musical traditions and rich history, this village-reserve offers many intriguing attractions and you can experience the authentic lifestyle of the people from the Rhodope region.

gela5. Gela

Located near Smolyan, it’s one of the most famous Bulgarian villages. It’s believed that it was founded by the Thracians and today one of its attractions is the Thracian fortress Gradiste.



leshten16. Leshten

A hidden gem in the Rhodope Mountains – with ancient houses, friendly people and warm weather. The perfect place for those looking for quiet and peaceful relaxation.



ribarica7. Ribaritsa

Located in the Teteven Mountain, at 600 meters above sea level, in this Bulgarian village the traditions are still alive. The charming small neat houses, wild nature and hospitable people will make Ribaritsa your favorite place!




oreshak8. Oreshak

Very attractive village, situated close to Troyan, it is believed that this area was inhabited since the Paleolithic Period.




brashlyan9. Brashlyan

Brashlyan is one of the smallest villages in Bulgaria, with only about 70 residents, but it will amaze you. Except for it’s astonishing landscape, the village is also popular for the Ethnographic House-Museum and Agricultural Museum.




Arbanasi-paorama10. Arbanasi

One of Bulgaria’s most famous villages with authentic Bulgarian atmosphere. The village existed during the Second Bulgarian Empire and according to local legends that’s where the Tarnovo kings minted coins. Arbanassi is listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site and is definitely worth visiting.



Source: http://blog.gruborpub.com/


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