European Tree of the year 2014!

1_Sliven_Elm-tree_(Ulmus-Bryast)_1000_years_old-Bozhidar_Iliev_(Bozho)We are not searching for the oldest, the tallest, the biggest, the most beautiful or the rarest of trees. We are searching for the most lovable tree, a tree with a story that can bring the community together. The trees participating in the European Tree of the Year are winners of national contests.

They are still 10 trees competing for the vote,but for now the first place is for The old Elm in City of Sliven, Sliven region,Bulgaria.

Тhe Old Elm is a main symbol of Sliven. It is a centuries-old silent witness of the city’s turbulent and heroic past.

Events organised around it on occasions of historic and community significance have turned it into a major marker. It is the place where mood of the city used to be measured. Public demonstrations and parades used to pass by the tree.

Today most people arrange their important meetings by the tree. It remains the most definitive orientation marker for newcomers to the city. It is also part of the city coat of arms and will remain a historic marker for future generations.




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