„Bulgaria to Vulgaria“

Forget Magaluf and Malia, welcome to Sunny Beach

TWO British girls drunkenly kiss each other in front of a crowd of leering lads who howl like a pack of wolves.

One licks her pal’s breasts, which have been smeared in chocolate sauce as part of a game to win a cocktail.

Another group of girls — on their first holiday together — down five double vodkas each in the space of just ten minutes before chanting for more booze.

It is just after 5PM but already scores of British youngsters are lurching around a foam party after too many drinks.It sounds familiar. However, this is not the usual story of debauched young Brits in Kavos, Malia, Zante or Magaluf, but instead the new hotspot for the 18-30 crowd — a former Communist Bloc seaside resort in Bulgaria.

Sunny Beach is now the Benidorm of the former Iron Curtain nations, with 200 hotels and nearly as many bars. It is already a top destination for Dutch, German and Scandinavian youngsters and now thousands of Brits are hitting the resort for party season.

But the temptation of cheap booze is putting their lives at risk, with youngsters falling victim to drunken accidents — some fatal — and robbers.

Most admit they have picked the resort because of its cheap booze, ten tequila shots cost ten Bulgarian lev, about £4.40, and a pint of beer is as little as 45p.

Student Sam Eilson, 18, from Cheltenham, Gloucs, came to Sunny Beach for a week’s holiday with five mates. He says: “It’s a mental party place. I went on a bar crawl and it was a free bar for two hours, so everyone was downing drinks and getting another straight away.

“I must have had 20 vodka and Cokes — I was off my face. There are loads of party games. I saw some girl who had a boyfriend have a sex act performed on her.”

His mate Josh Friend, 18, adds: “We’ve got wasted every night. You can get two cocktails for five quid. In the supermarkets a beer is 50p. I’ve thrown up every other night — this is the place to be.

“When British people hear how good it is they’ll want to come again and again.”

No doubt they are attracted by organised bar crawls costing from just £7. One kicks off at 7.45pm, when hundreds of teens line the street, shamelessly shouting “Let’s go f***ing mental” before hitting the nearest bar and grabbing a free cocktail.

Horrified families walking by try to shield their children from the foul language and public groping.

Student Lara Scowcroft, 18, of Chorley, Lancs, came to Sunny Beach on a girly holiday with ten mates after finishing sixth-form college.

She says: “We’ve been going absolutely mental. One of my mates danced naked on a podium and had whipped cream sucked off her boobs.

Another gyrates against a lad and strokes his crotch as they sit by the dance floor, too drunk to take their antics to a hotel room. Instead, most randy Brits just go down to the beach.

Charles Ruff, 24, a property developer from Newcastle, says: “My best night was last night. I got with a girl from Norway. I was on a bar crawl and I was walking in the street when she jumped on my back.

“Two minutes later she dragged me to the beach and we had sex. She was really forward — very different to the British girls. I loved it.”

The holiday reps are often just as bad. Anthony Harvey, 27, from Sunderland, works for the Sunny Beach Party Crew. He has been in the resort for eight weeks.

He says: “British lads coming here can shag a girl from a different country every night. I’ve done well on my conquests around Europe.

“I’ve done a German, Austrian, Finnish and a Ukrainian girl. I try and get a shag for the flag. I still haven’t got a Dutch one though.

“This year there’s loads more Brits than ever before. They’re living up to their reputation and getting annihilated on booze.

“The other foreigners drink, but not to the point that Brits do. We’re just representing our country.”

Even so, UK holidaymakers are increasingly getting into problems in Bulgaria. The crime rate is on the up and hospitals report soaring numbers of Brits being rushed to A&E.

Last month 19-year-old Shaun Davies, from Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, died after plunging from a Sunny Beach hotel balcony.

Last year, in just five months the British Embassy in Bulgarian capital Sofia had to deal with 24 deaths, including three fatal falls at hotels.

It prompted embassy staff to launch a campaign, Holiday Hangover, to warn Brit holidaymakers to stay safe.

Other dangers are all too plain to see as you walk through the resort. Machetes with ten-inch blades, electric Tasers, flick-knives and knuckledusters are brazenly sold for the equivalent of just £2 on market stalls.

Jonny Fleet, 19, from Northwich, Cheshire, was robbed as he walked along the strip — with his mates just a few feet in front of him.

He says: “I went to take a leak and these four guys came running up, pulled out a machete and a truncheon and demanded all the money in my pocket.

“I handed over what I had. A few people have told us they’ve been robbed. People need to be careful when they come here.”

As groups of Brits stagger back to their hotels after a night out, the risks of their boozing are clear.

One lad shows off a video of his pal leaning over a hotel balcony as he vomits on to the floor below. One slip and he would have been the latest teen to lose his life in the resort.

Bulgarian Galina Terzobalieva, 26, who owns a market stall on Sunny Beach, says: “The British teens like to drink too much. They have too much alcohol, too much music, too much sex.

“Every night I see teenagers going to the medical centre. They go out and get too drunk and hurt themselves. I don’t understand why they have to drink so much.”

But when a week’s boozing in Bulgaria costs little more than a night out back home, it seems young Brits will continue to gamble with their lives.

source: thesun.co.uk


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